A news conference with #TimesUp advocates and Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday called for the approval a bill that would end the statute of limitations for second and third-degree rape as well as changes to the state’s sexual harassment laws that end what advocates say is a narrow definition.

And it included a powerful revelation from actress Mira Sorvino who, seated next to the governor, revealed she is a survivor of date rape. Sorvino had previously acknowledge she was assaulted and harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein.

“I can stand here before you and say not only was I a sexual harassment and battery victim at the hands of Mr. Weinstein, but I’m also a sexual assault victim and I am also a survivor of date rape,” she said. “I have never said that in public and I do not want to go into detail, but I have never said that last part in public because it is impossible sometimes to share these certain things. And I am doing it here to try and help, because there are all these survivors out there right now who need justice.”

She added, “Anyway, please everyone, if you can find it in your heart – I know that there are groups who don’t believe in any extension of statute of limitations – in this case it is extremely important for all the past victims, present survivors, and future would-be victims. Let’s prevent this. Let’s stop the triage and start changing the landscape now to say that time is up for sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual harassment, and rape. Time is truly up.”

Cuomo praised her remarks made in the Red Room of the Capitol, the ceremonial office of the governor.

“I’ve been in this room many, many times on many issues, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more intelligent, powerful, persuasive point that you just made and God bless you for being so brave and courageous,” he said.