From the Morning Memo:

The Seneca One Tower, formerly known as the HSBC Tower, has long been a symbol of what’s wrong with Buffalo.

The city’s tallest building has been lacking tenants for years now and most recently, for all intents and purposes was vacant. Now city and economic development officials are holding it up as a positive symbol with the announcement M&T Bank is moving at least 1000 jobs into it and opening a new technology hub.

Where businesses like M&T, which headquarters in Buffalo already, might have looked to take those jobs out of town in the past, now Invest Buffalo Niagara President Tom Kucharski said companies want to come in.

“This has happened kind of quickly,” he said. “It’s been a long time in the works but it says to site selectors and corporate real estate guys and companies that that place is changing.”‘

Kucharski said there are a lot of attractive things about Buffalo, like the labor market and resources. They are relatively inexpensive compared to larger cities.

But Invest Buffalo Niagara said the much publicized renaissance hasn’t been fully realized yet.

“Now’s our time where we’ve got to bring this together and really prioritize it and look at things differently and look at best practices,” Kucharski said.

He said IBN will soon be rolling out its talent attraction strategy. It will include ways to take advantage of things like Buffalo’s educational institutions and other amenities.

“We’ve looked at place that have traditionally had a hard time recruiting folks but are now being successful and you can imagine where those, Minneapolis-St. Paul and St. Louis and a number of places that are now seeing an influx of new folks, well they’ve done some specific things,” Kucharski said.