State lawmakers acknowledged on Wednesday a measure that would legalize marijuana in New York through the development a regulatory and retail cannabis business will not gain a vote in the Legislature this session.

“Throughout months of negotiation and conversation with the Governor’s office and my legislative colleagues, we made great strides to improve our bill and bring more people on board. We came very close to crossing the finish line, but we ran out of time,” said Sen. Liz Krueger, one of the main sponsors of the bill.

“I will continue to push for a tax-and-regulate adult-use program with all the right safeguards in place, one that centers on restorative justice and reinvestment in the communities most harmed by decades of failed prohibition policies.”

Lawmakers may now turn their focus to a decriminalization bill that would expunge criminal marijuana records, but not set up a system in which people can purchase cannabis products as proposed under the broader legalization bill.

“We will build on the success of other states who have chosen to legalize, including many of our neighbors,” Krueger said. “I have no doubt that prohibition is an outdated and irrational policy, and its days are numbered.”

Smart Approaches To Marijuana, a group opposed to legalization, celebrated the bill’s demise.

“We will continue to work every day to put public health and safety over the profits of this addiction-for-profit industry,” said Kevin Sabet, a former drug policy czar in the Obama administration. “We will fight to ensure science prevails over industry propaganda to create public policies that protect human health.”