From the Morning Memo:

State lawmakers today are expected to approve a bill that outlaws cat declawing in New York as part of a broader animal advocacy day at the Capitol.

The procedure is considered dangerous for cats and supporters have long pushed for a ban on it. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Michael Gianaris and Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, includes a $1,000 fine for violating the ban.

“Cats’ claws play an important role in various aspects of their lives,” the bill’s memo states.

“Cats use their claws to assist in climbing and maintaining balance, to help them fully stretch, to relieve stress through kneading and to escape danger. When a person has its animal declawed, usually in an attempt to protect furniture, they do fundamental damage to that animal both physically and in behavioral ways. There are harmless ways to manage undesirable behavior through simple training and other established methods.”

Ten cities in California have bans on cat declawing, while Switzerland, Israel and the United Kingdom have also halted the procedure.