Carl McCall, the former state comptroller and SUNY Board of Trustees chairman, will write his memoir as an author in residence, the Rockefeller Institute of Government announced on Thursday.

McCall this month is stepping down from the chairman post, which he’s held for the last eight years. He will be writing the memoir with Paul Grondahl, the director of the New York State Writers Institute and a journalist for the Times Union.

“Chairman McCall’s 50 years of public service have been outstanding and laden with many accomplishments, and what inspires me the most is hearing him share his own personal narrative about what access to high-quality education has meant to him and his career,” said SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson. “Through this memoir project, the masses will be able to learn more about one of New York’s finest advocates, leaders, and mentors, inspiring future generations for years to come.”

McCall’s memoir is expected to focus on politics, social justice and education issues. McCall, the first black statewide elected official in New York, ran for governor in 2002, facing Andrew Cuomo in a bruising Democratic primary. He lost the general election to Gov. George Pataki.

“Chairman McCall has had an extraordinary career and his memoir will serve as required reading for those looking to enter public service,” said Jim Malatras, president of the Rockefeller Institute. “The Rockefeller Institute of Government is thrilled to welcome the chairman while he works with the talented Paul Grondahl and the NYS Writers Institute to share his story with others.”

McCall officially retires from the SUNY Board of Trustees on Sunday.