Democratic members of the state’s congressional delegation on Thursday endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s end-of-session agenda meant to benefit LGBTQ rights in New York.

The bills include ending the so-called “gay panic” defense in crimes and legalizing gestational surrogacy.

“New York State is the progressive capital of the nation and in these divisive times we must continue to lead with bold action that promotes acceptance and equality,” Cuomo said. “The status quo on surrogacy and the ‘gay and trans panic’ defense is repugnant to our values and with this growing campaign we are sending a clear message to lawmakers: inaction is unacceptable – pass the bills now.”

The surrogacy legislation faces an uncertain path in the Democratic-led Assembly, where several lawmakers have raised concerns with the legislation and its effect on women — concerns the bill’s sponsors say are addressed with protections against exploitation.

All told, a dozen House Democrats from New York signed on to the proposals.

“Raising three amazing kids with my husband has been the great blessing of my life,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “It’s shameful that the legislature has chosen inaction instead of doing what is right. New York has been the leading state in the LGBTQ movement since the Stonewall Uprisings, and we cannot forget the sacrifices made or how far we’ve come. I applaud the Governor for his continued support for the LGBTQ community and am happy to have him as an ally in this fight.”