From the Morning Memo:

Former officials in Gov. George Pataki’s administration next month will gather in Saratoga Springs for a 25th anniversary reunion of the last Republican governor’s 1994 victory.

The two-day event in July is expected to “discuss the key accomplishments of the Pataki administration and the seminal policies that were forged during 12 years of limited but active government” as well as a day at the track, according to a save-the-date invitation from John Cahill, a former top aide and DEC commissioner in the Pataki administration.

In the invitation, Cahill pointed to the 12 years of Pataki’s time in office, covering efforts to revive the state’s economy in the 90s and the response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

“Now it’s time to draw upon those lessons, rekindle the spirit of our shared bond as New Yorkers, and look forward to the future,” Cahill wrote in the emailed invitation obtained by Capital Tonight.

“You were an important part of that great effort which began 25 years ago and it will be – to reconnect with those who made such a positive impact on the lives of so many people.”

Pataki served 12 years as governor and is the last Republican to win statewide New York, securing a third term in 2002.