From the Morning Memo:

As building and construction trade members descend on the Capitol today for a major rally, the 400 Foundation — a group of pastors and faith leaders in New York City — is launching a digital ad campaign this week opposing a measure to expand the state’s prevailing wage laws.

The ad comes as lawmakers are debating the bill as part of an end-of-session package. The legislation would expand prevailing wage requirements to projects that receive some funding from the state.

In the ad, the group says the bill as written does not include language that would ensure workers of color are hired for construction projects and has a limited benefit.

The digital ad campaign from the group will also run on social media and is part of a five-figure ad campaign.

Meanwhile, at the state Capitol, the Building and Construction Trades Council will rally at the Capitol today in favor of the prevailing wage legislation, which had initially been proposed for the state budget, but fell out of the negotiations.

“The State is handing out millions of dollars to private businesses for construction projects with virtually no strings attached in terms of labor protections,” said James Cahill, President of the NYS Building & Construction Trades Council. “Economic growth driven by government funded programs and subsidies will never reach its full potential unless we start protecting the construction workers on these projects.”

The rally is expected to bring together a range of labor groups from around the state and northeast.

“The Public Works legislation will not only help working men and women get better paying jobs; it will create safer workplaces, ensure high quality work and hold contractors and developers accountable,” said Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO. “Hardworking New Yorkers have waited long enough. There is no more time for delay and distraction; it’s time to reform the public works law now.