State lawmakers are discussing how to spend revenue from the legalization of marijuana as “opt in” language for local governments as been removed, Sen. Diane Savino told reporters on Tuesday.

Savino, one of the primary lawmakers working on the bill, said amendments have been added to the bill and further changes are being discussed that could add revenue for drug recognition and drug treatment areas.

“It’s more technical than philosophical issues,” she said.

Lawmakers are working through the final week of the legislative session, scheduled to end on Wednesday, but remained optimistic an agreement could be reached on the legalization measure.

“We’re going to give those members the opportunity to review those changes,” Savino said. “We believe we’re going to get there.”

Savino said the goal remains to get to “magic number 32” — the majority of senators needed to approve anything in the chamber.

Lawmakers on Sunday introduced a more narrowly tailored decriminalization bill that would expunge marijuana-related criminal records. The measure does not include a statewide regulatory system for retail cannabis.

“In Albany you just don’t know how things are going to end up,” Speaker Carl Heastie said, “And I think the introduction of the decriminalization bill was if we can’t come to an agreement on adult use, the very least we could is make sure people who suffered under these laws, there records are expunged and they could get the stain off their lives.”