Two Assembly Democrats from Western New York have come out in opposition to the state allowing undocumented immigrants to get drivers’ licenses.

In a joint statement, legislators Pat Burke and Monica Wallace said the “Green Light” bill is flawed legislation they can not support and they will not be voting for it when it comes to the Assembly floor. They said immigration is federal problem that requires a federal solution and the state is not in a position to solve every “failed policy” of the federal government.

β€œIn the meantime, we will continue to focus our energy on addressing state issues to find solutions that improve the lives of our constituents and all New Yorkers,” Burke and Wallace said.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has said the controversial legislation will be brought to the floor for a full vote next week. With 106 members in the conference, the measure is not likely in danger of failing, even without Burke and Wallace who represent two of WNY’s more conservative Democratic districts.

Their announcement comes after news Thursday the measure may not have support in the state Senate, as state Dem Chair Jay Jacobs, concerned about political fallout, confirmed he has been urging some senators to vote against it.