From the Morning Memo:

Attorney General Tish James, D-NY, in Buffalo to announce a $66 million settlement in regards to illegal debt collection scheme, also weighed in on several lawsuits against the state of New York.

That includes two lawsuits brought by the Erie County Clerk and the Rennselaer County Clerk challenging the state’s new Green Light Law which will grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. James said, as AG, it is her duty to defend the law vigorously, but she also believes in its constitutionality and its merit.

“Individuals who, let’s say, have hit and runs, they tend to run as opposed to having insurance, being educated and having the system where they can be taught the rules of the road and that’s what’s critically important for me. This is all about safety,” she said.

It’s been speculated the Trump administration may sue over the Green Light Law as well but it has already challenged another new law. The Legislature passed a bill this session that would allow the chair of congressional tax committees to request public officials state tax returns in New York.

The administration requested an injunction barring the committee from doing so.

“The president unfortunately has been using lawsuits to hide behind the release of his tax returns. It’s really critically important that sunlight be shed on his tax returns,” James said.

The attorney general said, as a candidate, she released her tax returns and Trump should be required to do the same.