Sen. Brian Benjamin on Friday endorsed the presidential campaign of California U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris.

“I’m backing Kamala Harris because she knows that real, meaningful criminal justice reform must be on the agenda for our next president,” said Benjamin, a Democrat from Manhattan.

“Right now, our justice system — with its private prisons, cash bail system, and failure to restore voting rights to individuals with felony convictions — does not align with our American values. These are the issues I have dedicated my career in public service to addressing, and I know that Kamala deeply understands them and has tackled them head-on in her career and in this campaign, which is why I am excited to support her for president.”

Benjamin in 2007 helped found Harlem for Obama when then-Sen. Barack Obama launched his campaign, marking one of the first New York-based efforts for his campaign.

“I know now, as I knew then, what a real change-maker looks like, which is why I am proud to endorse Senator Harris’s historic bid for president,” Benjamin said.