Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a homebody for much of his time in office.

But in recent years, he’s sought to burnish a more national profile. First elected in 2011, Cuomo is now the nation’s longest serving governor and he’s taken on a leadership role at the National Governors Association.

This week, Cuomo is in Salt Lake City for the association’s summer meeting. In a statement, Cuomo said he’s focusing on issues like infrastructure and the role states play in their own governance.

“Hyper-partisanship in Washington has prevented the federal government from getting virtually anything done, but governors don’t have that option — we have to keep our country running and deliver results state by state,” Cuomo said.

“While officials in Washington point fingers, governors are working together on what really matters in the daily lives of the people of our states – from infrastructure to emergency preparedness – and are actually getting things done.”

This is a rather consistent theme for Cuomo over the last several seeks especially following a legislative session that saw a range of long-stalled measures sought by progressive passed and be signed into law.

Cuomo’s office said he will be meeting with Republican and Democratic governors, as well as labor leaders.