From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this weekend called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a Saturday night black out that plunged much of Manhattan into darkness for several hours.

Cuomo also raised the possibility of stripping utility ConEd of its franchise agreement if it is found to be at fault.

“We’re going to do an independent investigation – we have some of the best power experts in the country in New York – and do an independent investigation,” Cuomo said in a radio interview.

“Find out exactly what happened, where, why, what happened to all the designed redundancy in this system, right? We’ve gone through this and the system is about to be designed so that if a transformer goes out there is a redundancy to it. If a transmission line blows, if there’s a heavy load, there’s a redundancy built into the system. Because a blackout is just not tolerable in a situation like New York City.”

The governor conducted a flurry of interviews on radio and TV in the wake of the blackout to discuss the investigation and his dissatisfaction with ConEd. But he declined to directly criticize Mayor Bill de Blasio for being out of town on the presidential campaign trail when the lights went out.

“I’m governor of New York. I hold myself personally accountable when you have an emergency situation like we did last night anywhere in the state,” Cuomo said.

“And as you know, you’ve watched me long enough, my way is to show up. I like to be on the ground. I like to see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. I also believe it gives people a sense of confidence when they see somebody in charge actually there.”