Gov. Andrew Cuomo once again on Friday knocked progressives in New York for not backing up their rhetoric with action.

Cuomo in a Daily News op/ed and later in a conference call with reporters linked three issues — the closure of Rikers Island jail, poor schools and the New York City Housing Authority — with a broader critique of some progressives.

“Welcome to progressive politics and progressive policy,” Cuomo said in the conference call with reporters. “It’s not enough to state the goal and it’s repugnant to possess a plan that is either unworkable or impossible.”

He added all three issues share a common theme: “The common denominator is you are dealing with primarily a minority population, you’re dealing with poor people, who have very little political power to fight for themselves.”

In The Daily News, Cuomo went further, writing that Democrats have failed to “consistently producing meaningful progress in people’s lives.”

“Progressivism is not about the ability to make promises, but about the ability to deliver them,” he wrote.

The comments dovetail with an interview Cuomo gave earlier this week on WAMC, pointing to his accomplishments during his time in office, and declared “I am the left” given his administration’s track record on issues like LGBTQ rights and a $15 minimum wage in the New York City metropolitan area.

Having concrete accomplishments has been a theme for the governor, with his argument that any tangible agreement is better than not reaching any result at all.

Cuomo over the years has had a strained relationship with progressive advocates and he’s been challenged twice in primaries by opponents running to his left flank, defeating both Zephyr Teachout and Cynthia Nixon by wide margins.