Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $4.5 million campaign haul over the last six months included donations from prominent figures in the world of real estate, banking and health care in New York, according to a filing made public on Tuesday.

From real estate, Cuomo received $40,000 from Douglas Durst, the CEO of the Durst Corp., $100,000 from real estate magnate Scott Rechler and his wife Deborah and $139,400 from Dan and Sheryl Tishman.

The donations from real estate interests are not wholly surprising, given the debate over extending rent control regulations in New York City this year. Ultimately, state lawmakers approved and Cuomo signed into law a sweeping package of changes broadly seen as strengthening rent control, expanding regulations to upstate communities and tipping them in favor of tenants.

Kenneth Fishman, the founder and chairman of Fisher Investments, gave $62,500.

From health care, the Greater New York Hospital Association President Ken Raske gave $15,000 as did the head of the association’s for-profit arm, Lee Perlman.

Rick Ostroff, of the Albany lobbying and consulting firm Ostroff & Associates, gave $25,000.

Lobbyist and former U.S. Sen. Al D’Amato gave $5,000.