Gov. Andrew Cuomo was elected vice chairman of the National Governors Association on Friday, taking on a more prominent national profile with the bipartisan organization.

In a speech at the association’s summer meeting in Salt Lake City, Cuomo said governors and state governments are being looked to with Washington in a “state of political paralysis.”

“We have to keep the lights on, we have to balance a budget, and we to respond to daily needs. Governors cannot filibuster to solve opioid epidemic,” he said.

“We cannot take a recess to educate a child. And we can’t rely on a parliamentary point of order top build the road. Governors must deliver.”

Cuomo will be serving alongside the newly elected NGA Chairman Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of Maryland. He is in line to become the chair of the association in 2020, giving him an even more prominent perch in a presidential election year.

In his speech, Cuomo noted Justice Louis Brandeis calling states the “laboratories of democracy” but added states have taken on an even larger role in peoples’ lives.

“Justice Brandeis spoke about laboratories of democracy. We are beyond that now. Yes, we are still laboratories of democracy, but states are now factories of democracy,” Cuomo said.

“And we are hospitals of democracy, and schools of democracy, and airports of democracy, and roads and bridges of democracy, and emergency managers of democracy, and the job generators of democracy. States have no choice but to proceed on their own the best they can, to be the most functional unit of government. It is hard. It is not ideal. It is not the intended design nor is it sustainable long term. But it is essential today.”