Gov. Andrew Cuomo stopped short on Tuesday of saying he would provide financial support to the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Cuomo at the start of the year had heaped praise on Biden, calling him the best positioned of the Democrats to defeat President Donald Trump next year.

But Biden over the last several months has undergone a series of stumbles since launching his campaign, facing questions over his previous opposition to the federal government requiring busing for school districts and for touting his work with segregationist senators.

“I have not made an endorsement yet,” Cuomo said after an event at Albany International Airport. “I believe he is the strongest candidate against Trump. I know him personally, he’s been a great help to the state of New York as you know. But I have not made a political endorsement yet.”

Cuomo had reportedly planned to aid Biden’s fundraising efforts as well, opening up a deep-pocketed network of donors in New York. Cuomo confirmed that in April saying in a radio interivew, “Will I be helpful to Joe Biden in any way I can? Yes.”

But on Tuesday, asked again if he would provide support for Biden’s campaign, Cuomo hedged.

“I will endorse a candidate and I will support that candidate,” he said, “but I have not made a political endorsement yet.”

Cuomo’s comments on Tuesday have largely been in line with what he’s said in recent months: His kind words for Biden are not a full-blown endorsement just yet, but he believes the former vice president is best positioned to challenge the incumbent president.