Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed a bill that would allow congressional investigators to access the New York state tax returns of President Donald Trump.

“Tax secrecy is paramount – the exception being for bonafide investigative and law enforcement purposes,” Cuomo said. “By amending the law enforcement exception in New York State tax code to include Congressional tax-related committees, this bill gives Congress the ability to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities, strengthen our democratic system and ensure that no one is above the law.”

The measure, approved by the Legislature in May, is meant to counteract efforts by the Trump administration on the federal level to force the release of his federal returns.

The measure allows the chairs of the House Ways & Means Committee, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, or the Joint Committee on Taxation to request in writing New York tax returns. So far, congressional Democrats have not embraced the New York bill, insisting they would rather see his federal filings.

Trump has broken with decades of tradition by not releasing his tax returns as a candidate, but no law requires a presidential candidate to do so.

“Our republic has endured for over 200 years thanks to the system of checks and balances provided in our Constitution,” said Assemblyman David Buchwald. “Consistent with this tradition, New York State now stands ready to assist Congress as it challenges the Trump Administration’s refusal to provide his tax records. The legislation we passed in New York will provide Congress with a direct path to what the President clearly wants to hide from the American people. No one is above the law.”

Sen. Brad Hoylman, the Democratic sponsor in the state Senate, said the measure is bigger than just the president.

“Moving forward, this new law helps Congress perform one of its most important responsibilities: oversight of the Office of the President,” he said.