The heat wave isn’t just the temperature.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on Friday decried what he said is “super heated” rhetoric on both political extremes. That places a burden on officeholders to achieve tangible accomplishments to satisfy a restive electorate, he said.

“It’s a real function of this political environment,” Cuomo said in an interview on WXXI in Rochester. “I understand it. People are angry, they’re anxious, they’re frightened.”

Cuomo was responding in part to a question about the climate change bill he signed into law on Thursday that includes benchmark reductions in carbon emissions and a shift to renewable energies in the coming decades.

On the right, Cuomo pointed to President Donald Trump’s ongoing rhetoric surrounding immigration.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he keeps coming back to these hot-button topics like immigration,” he said. “It panders and plays to his base.”

But he declined to identify those on the “super heated” left, saying it goes beyond “the squad” of four Democratic freshman lawmakers who have been singled out by the president this week in tweets the House of Representatives condemned as racist. Trump tweeted the women should “go back” to their ancestral countries to fix them. Three of the four were born in the United States; Rep. Ilhan Omar is a naturalized citizen.

Cuomo has been wrestling publicly with the idea of being a progressive, which he has repeatedly defined as someone who can get things done.

“What does it mean to be a progressive?” Cuomo said. “I was with Al Gore yesterday. Al Gore is a progressive. Mario Cuomo was a progressive. Robert Kennedy was a progressive. You know what they did? Positive things.”