President Donald Trump’s administration will be “more aggressive” in pursuing information on undocumented immigrants, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned on Tuesday, as federal immigration officers have sought to use facial recognition technology in other states has part of an effort to find people living in the U.S. illegally.

Meanwhile, local government officials who run county Department of Motor Vehicle offices have filed or signaled plans to file lawsuits challenging the state’s new law that will allow undocumented immigrants to apply for and receive driver’s licenses in the state.

“I want to see what happens between now and the day before the law goes into effect, but I think the federal government is going to aggressively continue,” Cuomo told reporters after an event at Albany International Airport. “I think this is now going to play into the president’s politics.”

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit to block the enforcement of the provision, known as the Green Light law. Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola said in an interview with Spectrum News he plans to file a separate legal challenge.

On top of it all, reports this week found the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had used facial recognition technology to comb through state databases in order to identify undocumented immigrants who have driver’s licenses.

The governor called the use of the technology, which has been criticized for misidentifying women and people of color, “really obnoxious.”

Cuomo last month hesitated in the final push to pass the Green Light measure, pointing to a legal challenge over driver’s license records in California. The law’s supporters, as well as Attorney General Letitia James, have said sufficient safeguards are in place to block the federal government from gaining access to the state’s database.

“They say their confident of victory, I hope they’re right,” Cuomo said.

The governor on Tuesday did not directly answer a question over whether he would remove county clerks from office who are refusing to issue licenses.

Immigration advocates, including the New York Immigration Coalition, have urged him to do so. In a statement, the group’s executive director, Steven Choi, pushed Cuomo to be a more forceful advocate for the law.

“If Gov. Cuomo wants to be the champion to immigrant New Yorkers that he claims to be, he needs to stop throwing cold water on a crucial legislative achievement that he signed into law,” Choi said.

“For months we heard how the governor supports this law, and yet he and his staff have done everything they can to undermine it. The Green Light NY law the governor signed has the strongest protections in the country to protect immigrants. We hope the Governor will stop the charade of scaring hard-working immigrants into staying in the shadows by continuing to evoke the ICE boogeyman. If he has that much time on his hands, we can think of plenty of things he still needs to do before the summer ends.”