The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday sought to lash Republican members of Congress in New York to a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act’s legality.

A federal appeals court panel this week is considering the future of the law, also known as Obamacare, and whether it can stand without the requirement that Americans who do not have health insurance pay a penalty, a provision that was repealed by the Republican-led Congress.

At issue, however, are the facets of the law that are popular with voters, such as requiring patients with pre-existing conditions be covered.

New York lawmakers this year codified aspects of the ACA into state law, including the health care marketplace exchange.

But Democrats on the national level sought to press the political advantage, sending out statements knocking Reps. Peter King, Lee Zeldin and Chris Collins.

“If King’s partisan lawsuit is successful, families across New York and the country will lose their insurance and be forced to pay more for the prescriptions and health care they need,” said DCCC spokesperson Christine Bennett. “23,000 people are at risk of immediately losing their health care thanks to Congressman King. Clearly his priorities are out of whack that he would put Washington partisanship ahead of the lives of the people he was elected to represent.”