The push to reduce violent and deadly interactions between police officers and civilians will continue, Attorney General Letitia James said Tuesday, after the Department of Justice declined to file charges against the New York City police officer who held Eric Garner in a choke hold before he died.

In a statement, James blasted federal prosecutors for not bringing charges in the case that, along with others, have led a nationwide call for police and criminal justice law changes.

“The entire world saw the same devastating video five years ago, and our eyes did not lie,” James said.

“Today’s inaction reflects a DOJ that has turned its back on its fundamental mission – to seek and serve justice. In times like these, we must remember that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. In memory of Eric Garner and all others who have lost their lives unjustly, we will continue to fight for reforms to a criminal justice system that remains broken.”

James, who took office this year, has pushed for various reforms, including that officers wear body cameras and has called for the creation of a special prosecutor’s office to handle police misconduct cases.