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Mourners will gather in Queens Wednesday to say a final goodbye to NYPD detective and 9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez.

Sit, heel, lay down. Also, jump fences, and sniff out evidence and suspects. The canine officers of the MTA Police Department know how to follow orders.

The wife of the Schoharie limousine driver, involved in the deadly October crash, is facing welfare fraud charges.

For a show supposedly about nothing, “Seinfeld” is still quite something, 30 years later.

United States District Judge Nicholas Garaufis has denied a press request to release the names of the 12 jurors who found Keith Raniere guilty of all charges.

Oneida County leaders say hosting Woodstock 50 could pose a “significant challenge.”

Syracuse is on its way to becoming a brighter — and smarter — city. Contractors began replacing all the street lights in the city with LED ones. Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says they save energy and money — about $3 million a year.

Many in Rochester know the Susan B. Anthony House on Madison Street was the home and headquarters of the suffragette. However, it was also where the U.S. Treasury released the Susan B. Anthony $1 coin 40 years ago, becoming the first historical woman to ever be featured on circulating U.S. currency.

About 30,000 cars travel down West Main Street in Batavia daily. There’s a good chance those drivers and their passengers miss the flags and flowers.

New York States law to further decriminalize low-level marijuana offenses officially goes into effect 30 days after the governor signs the bill. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, who has already been working on getting judges to dismiss outstanding bench warrants for low-level offenses, said he’s taking more preemptive action.