From the Morning Memo:

The lawsuits are beginning to pile up against New York state’s new “Green Light” Law which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

A day after Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns filed a civil action in federal court, the Monroe County Legislature authorized its county executive, Cheryl Dinolfo, to bring her own suit.

The Legislature voted 17-10 to authorize Dinolfo, a Republican, to move forward, asserting specifically that the law violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment “by putting citizens and non-citizens on unequal footing under the law.”

Dinolfo thanked county lawmakers following the Tuesday night vote.

“Our goal is simple: to challenge and stop Albany from implementing this policy that would put state law at odds with federal law by giving licenses to those who are here illegally,” she said. “I’m especially proud to be among a group of county officials, both Democrat and Republican, who are standing tall against Albany on behalf of our residents, who have made their opposition to this law heard loud and clear.”

Dinolfo said Kearns and other county clerks situations are different than hers because, since the subject is directly connected to their statutory obligations, they are empowered to bring lawsuits on their own. Democratic Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello, who is running against Dinolfo for county executive, has expressed concerns about the new law but also indicated he will enforce it.

“Cheryl Dinolfo is taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook – using government resources to bolster her campaign and distract from her record,” Bello said.

“We have real challenges facing our community that warrant the immediate attention of county government and its resources. Unfortunately the County Executive would rather spend money and scarce resources pursuing a lawsuit against legislation that is already subject to litigation. This unnecessary, duplicative lawsuit is nothing more than political grandstanding by the County Executive to aid her re-election campaign at taxpayer expense.”

Dinolfo said the lawsuit will have no “net cost” to taxpayers and has directed the law department to file a complaint as soon as possible. Her office said it is also reviewing Kearns complaint and has not ruled out consolidating suits.

The Rensselaer County Clerk has also said he plans to file his own lawsuit.