Roughly six months since the state Legislature passed a series of new gun laws, four key measures remain unsigned by the governor.

Bills banning bump stocks, banning teachers from having firearms in schools, establishing up to a 30 day waiting period in order for background checks for some firearms, and another establishing a state police buyback program all remain with the state Senate. The Governor’s Office indicated it expects those bills to be transmitted and signed in the near future.

“I don’t have a time frame but we also want to get this done as soon as possible as well,” Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Hochul said the hold up has to do with making sure the legislation can sustain any court challenges once they are signed into law.

“His office his had hundreds and hundreds of bills passed. This is exciting. We promoted these. These were many of our ideas and worked with the Legislature to get forward. They will be signed but I assure you they have to analyzed very closely by our legal counsel department to make sure that when they become law, that if they are challenged in court, that they are not struck down.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D, New York has 30 days to sign a law after it reaches his office when the Legislature is not in session. He must sign laws within the same calendar year they are passed.