More than a dozen attorneys general, including Letitia James of New York, filed a letter on Friday criticizing a guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency they called an attempt to roll back part of the Clean Water Act.

The guidance centers around the role states play in permitting federal projects under a section the clean water measure. James said the guidance weakens the ability and authority of states to protect their water quality.

“The Clean Water Act is a major tool for states to protect against the pollution of our waterways,” James said in a statement.

“For every effort to weaken environmental protections and erode oversight over big polluters, we will respond in kind. New York is committed to fighting to protect our waters and our environment.”

The EPA is implementing the guidance following an executive order by President Donald Trump in April, calling it unlawful and a workaround of the existing law.

All told, 14 attorneys general from around the country signed onto the letter.