The approval of a bill on Monday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that could lead to congressional Democrats access President Donald Trump’s state tax returns is an effort to embarrass the president, New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy said.

The measure, which lawmakers gave final passage to in May, was broadened to include a range of officeholders. But for many lawmakers, the stated intent was to assist Democratic members of Congress in their review of the president’s finances.

“Make no mistake this is aimed directly at the president of the United States,” Langworthy said during a stop at the Capitol. “There was no clamoring to get other peoples’ records. It’s an attempt to settle political scores.”

For now, congressional Democrats have not embraced the provision, preferring instead to continue to push for Trump’s federal tax returns, which they believe can provide more detailed information.

Cuomo, too, was initially hesitant to back the measure, pushing for it be broader. Langworthy on Monday, however, blamed the governor.

“If the governor wants to take on the president, maybe he ought to get into the race,” he said. “But he doesn’t have the courage.”