State lawmakers on Thursday urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to approve a bill that would require parents be notified if a camp is not regulated by the state Department of Health.

The bill’s sponsors, Sen. David Carlucci and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, said the measure was a matter of safety for kids attending camp.

“Non-regulated camps could have sex offenders on staff preying on our children,” Carlucci said. “Every parent should be notified if their child’s camp is not inspected and not following strict State guidelines. We need the Governor to take immediate action and sign this bill into law to keep our children safe.”

Camps that are regulated have to follow state guidelines, including inspections and a permit of operation from the state Department of Health. Lawmakers said Thursday are as many as 10,000 single-purpose day camps in the state that are not regulated and could pose a safety risk to kids.

“Parents need to be fully informed when state regulations are not in place so they can make informed decisions about where to send their children for camp activities,” Abinanti said.

The notification would be required to be included on a child’s application or enrollment form.