From the Morning Memo:

The state Business Council in a letter sent Tuesday to the state’s congressional delegation urged them to back the proposed trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The USMCA trade deal, which overhaul and places the North American Free Trade Agreement, remains under review by federal lawmakers.

The letter, signed by dozens of business groups and businesses in New York, backed the revamped trade agreement as a way to help boost job growth and economic activity, especially for businesses located near the border with Canada.

“An open trade policy with our neighbors to the North and South is critical for employers to provide
and maintain jobs for New Yorkers,” the letter states.

At the same time, the trade deal contains benefits for the state’s struggling farm industry, including dairy and poultry producers.

“Equally as important, this agreement will eliminate some of the stringent and unnecessary barriers our dairy and poultry farmers face when trying to export products to Mexico and Canada,” they wrote in the letter. “Opening this pipeline even further, by removing unfriendly mandates, will help struggling farmers across New York State.”

All together, 52 business entities signed onto the letter.

Exports in 2017 to Canada and Mexico accounted for $18.5 billion, with the vast majority, $15.4 billion, between the U.S. and Canada.