From the Morning Memo:

Supporters of publicly financed campaigns are urging top state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to embrace a package of recommendations outlined in a letter sent this week that would guide how an election law panel would function.

The panel, named earlier this month by Cuomo and the Democratic and Republican leaders in the Assembly and Senate, is being tased with developing the framework of a system of publicly financed campaigns as well as additional election law changes, including a potential end to fusion voting.

The coalition that comprises Fair Elections for New York in the letter called for the commission to act with independence and to listen to outside experts on the issues at stake. At the same time, the coalition urged the commission to act in daylight and with transparency, while also giving the public opportunities to weigh in.

As for public financing itself, the coalition has a specific set of goals in mind: A 6-to-1 public matching system, attainable thresholds for candidates to qualify for public financing, the creation of an oversight unit outside the state Board of Elections and a cap on public funds.

And the group wants all state races covered, including state legislative, and district attorney races for primaries and general elections.

“The Public Financing Commission has lots of work to do, and less than five months to do it,” said Rosemary Rivera, the co-executive director of Citizen Action in a statement.

“We want a real public process without political interference, so that the People, statewide, can weigh in meaningfully on the creation of a system that will finally transform the way Albany works.”