From the Morning Memo:

Reclaim New York, an advocacy group backed by conservative investor Robert Mercer, is reducing its footprint and staff, the group announced on Tuesday in a statement.

The group in its statement said it was going through a “period of re-evaluation” of its activities.

“Given the scale of the challenges, and our own commitment to fiscal responsibility, we are reevaluating Reclaim’s role in the engagement of citizens and our staff in holding government accountable,” Reclaim New York said in a statement.

“To that end, we have determined to pause daily programming and to reduce our workforce. We intend to migrate to more of a web-based operation rather than a fully staffed field operation.”

Reclaim New York had been linked to Mercer, a computer scientist and hedge investor who has been linked to a variety of conservative causes along with his daughter, Rebecca Mercer. The group also had ties to Steve Bannon, the former advisor to President Donald Trump.

The group had sought to forge a niche for itself as something of a center-right good-government organization, pushing for local and state government transparency and criticized what it saw as wasteful spending.

But in the process it raised the ire of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, which was quick to seize on its connection to Mercer.

A Democratic insider reacted to the news by saying, “Trump acolytes Steve Bannon and the Mercers went to war with Gov Cuomo and the Democratic Party for years — and lost. God only knows how much money they spent on this pathetic AstroTurf group, and they didn’t know New Yorkers are too smart to buy what they were selling.”