From the Morning Memo:

State lawmakers want to enhance safety regulations following the tragic death of a toddler who fell into a grease trap this week at a Rochester Tim Horton’s restaurant.

Democratic Assembly Members Harry Bronson and Jamie Romeo have submitted legislation aimed at ensuring similar incidents don’t happen in the future. The proposal would adopt four key safety provisions.

  • The covers to these traps would no longer be permitted to be plastic and must be made of metal and rated for heavy road traffic.
  • The traps must be secured with a bolt or locking mechanism at all times when they are unattended.
  • There must be signage that is clearly visible at the location of the trap indicating the danger.
  • Annual inspections would be required to ensure compliance with the provisions.

“Every parent’s worst fear is that harm will come to their child,” the legislators said in a joint statement. “Today we continue to mourn the heartbreaking death of a young boy and we grieve with his family. The death of any child is tragic and the fact that similar grease trap incidents occurred in other states is deeply disturbing. That is why we have introduced legislation which would ensure that this type of devastating tragedy never occurs again in New York State.”

They said the bill will be filed this week to be considered during the next legislative session.