From the Morning Memo:

Democratic Assemblyman Santabarbara announced Monday he will sponsor three new bills meant to strengthen limousine safety in New York.

Support for the legislation comes after lawmakers agreed to only a handful of new limousine safety measures at the end of the legislative session in June, disappointing the family members of those who have died in stretch limo crashes in New York.

The bills Santabarara is backing include new regulations for seatbelts and safety bars in high-occupancy vehicles as well as one that requires drivers who operate high-occupancy vehicles to have commercial driver’s licenses. And he’s backing a bill that would impound limousines and other high-occupancy vehicles that do not have an operating horn.

“These bills are aimed at preventing tragedies by strengthening regulations and improving standards to ensure the safety of passengers,” he said.

Lawmakers approved new safety and insurance requirements for limousines this year after a stretch limo crash in Schoharie killed 20 people, the deadliest transportation crash in a decade.