From the Morning Memo:

The federal government continues to shuffle Customs and Border Patrol officers from the Northern to Southern border.

Lawmakers say its creating issues in places like Buffalo, where there is now a shortage creating longer wait times at places like the Peace Bridge. Canadians and Americans cross back and forth daily to do business, shop and travel.

“It hurts commerce,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, said. “It hurts many things. Even in the fall it hurts the Bills games because people on the other side don’t come.”

Schumer said Congress is working on legislation that will be part of the upcoming appropriations bill to solve the issues. He said part of that will be hiring more officers, but he also wants language restricting the administration from moving people from the Canadian border.

“We’ve already gotten a requirement in the previous bill that they have to tell us how many, when and where, which is an impediment to them but in the new appropriations bill, we’re going to say they can’t do it,” he said. You’ve got to put more people on, not rob Peter to pay Paul.”

Schumer said the shortage can be worse in the summer months, but there are other peak times during the year when it also becomes an impediment, so funding for more staff is important.