From the Morning Memo:

The Democratic nomination for Queens district attorney, now heading to a court challenge and hand recount, has become a fundraising opportunity for the Working Families Party.

The progressive-allied party used the news last week of the recount in the race between Melina Katz and Tiffany Cabán to seek small-dollar contributions of $3, which it says will be used to further Cabán’s effort during the legal maneuvering surrounding the recount.

“In a recount like this, the establishment has the full force of the machine on their side, including many of the judges and commissioners who are supposed to be fair arbiters of the law. Tiffany has YOU,” the WFP wrote in an email.

“Contribute now to help WFP and Tiffany Cabán make sure every vote is counted.”

The recount was triggered after more than 2,000 affidavit ballots were called into question and Katz gained an extremely slim lead over Cabán, triggering the hand recount.

As of last Friday, Katz led Cabán by 16 votes and the campaigns are gearing up to argue over 100 provisional ballots in court.

Cabán was seen as the latest victory for progressive activists, whose candidates have upended local-level races across the state over the last year.