Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview Wednesday afternoon said his signature gun control law “is working 100 percent” when asked about the delayed implementation of an ammunition database.

“The SAFE Act is working 100 percent,” Cuomo said on WAMC. “First of all, the ban of assault weapons in and of itself is a culture change and a system change. These are all assault weapons.”

The Cuomo administration and Republicans in the state Senate in 2015, who held a majority at the time, agreed to delay the implementation of the database in order for the technology to come along to develop it.

Four years later, the database appears to be no closer to being made a reality.

Cuomo on Wednesday held a series of interviews on national TV, as well as NY1, and radio states. He repeatedly challenged Democratic candidates running for president to take up his four-point gun control plan that includes universal background checks, a ban on assault-style weapons, a database of mentally ill people, and a red flag law to restrict gun possession from those deemed to be too dangerous.

“Don’t expect the pattern to stop because it’s getting worse, not better,” Cuomo said. “There are two elements in the equation: Hate, plus a gun.”

He added Democrats should “frame the issue” of gun control in the election because it’s doubtful President Donald Trump will act.

“He doesn’t want to pass any gun laws because it offends his base,” Cuomo said.