Criticism by Democratic presidential candidates of former President Barack Obama’s record is part of a “circular firing squad” that President Donald Trump will be able to exploit, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned in a radio interview Monday morning.

Cuomo in a radio interview on WAMC was responding to a question about the presidential debates last week in which former Vice President Joe Biden in the second night was criticized by his fellow Democratic candidates over the Obama administration’s record on issues like immigration.

“The Democrats haven’t learned the basic lesson: The enemy is not the other Democrat standing next to you,” Cuomo said in the interview. “The goal is to defeat President Trump and to denigrate other Democrats, to attack President Obama’s record — we are as they say the circular firing squad. We’re making the same mistake and it’s pathetic to watch.”

Cuomo, who is yet to formally endorse in the race, has said Biden is the most qualified candidate to challenge Trump in 2020.

Cuomo said Trump would be able to use the Democratic discord for his own benefit.

“He’s exploiting the Democratic division,” Cuomo said. “He’s very good at finding cracks in the body politic and putting a wedge in those cracks.”