A bill that would make it a felony for tossing water onto a police officer was backed on Thursday by Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan.

The GOP leader in the chamber introduced a companion measure to the bill introduced this week by Long Island Republican Michael LiPetri in the state Assembly.

The measure is meant to address the spate of incidents in which people have doused police officers with water, creating viral videos on the internet in the process.

“Our police officers deserve respect for keeping our streets safe day in and out,” Flanagan said.

“No person should feel empowered to intimidate an officer by disrespectfully dumping water on them and obstructing that officer from protecting communities. After the very first incident, I made clear that the Senate Republican Conference will always stand on the side of law enforcement, public safety, and victims’ rights. This is unacceptable, and it has to stop.”

Flanagan has sought to highlight in recent weeks criminal justice law changes backed by the Democratic majorities in the Senate and Assembly, including an end to cash bail in many circumstances, that he believes have put public safety at risk.

Flanagan earlier this year backed legislation that would have made attacks on a police officer a hate crime.