The presidential campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday announced a $1 million TV ad campaign to begin in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend.

The ad comes as Gillibrand is pushing to move up in the crowded Democratic presidential primary field’s polls and qualify for the stage at the next presidential debate in September.

“My promise to the American people is that I will restore compassion, courage and humanity to the White House,” Gillibrand said in a statement.

“Despite what we feel today, it’s not impossible to have affordable health care for all, to protect our environment, to keep our kids safe and to root out the corrupting influence of money in our politics. As our campaign gains momentum, I’m excited to share my message with Iowa caucus-goers and New Hampshire voters.”

The ad is largely light on specifics and does not mention President Donald Trump, while largely focusing on broad themes.

“Imagine an America where harmony displaces hate,” the ad’s narrator says. “That protects our planet, provides healthcare for everyone. An America where public places are safe spaces. Where morality overrides money. Power restored to the people.”