A bill that would make it a felony charge for dousing a police officer with water is opposed by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who said there should be a more community-based approach to the issue.

Republicans in the state Assembly and Senate are backing the measure in response to incidents this summer in which New York City police officers have had water thrown on them.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been critical of the limited ability of NYPD officers in responding to the incidents as they happen, saying in a radio interview this week that it makes them look “impotent.”

But Heastie, speaking to reporters after a tour of a day camp in Mechanicville, said he was opposed to the proposal.

“I think police officers should be respected. No one should be dousing them with water, particularly while they are in the midst of doing their jobs,” Heastie said.

Instead of a new law, however, Heastie said there should be an effort to “establish more of a community and police response.”

“I think that’s more beneficial instead of always saying we’re going to lock people up,” Heastie said. “I think people should respect the police department. I think the police also have to respect the communities as well.”