The nation should reflect on whether people need to own high-capacity, military-style weapons following a pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said Wednesday.

“I really want the country to self-reflect,” Heastie said after a tour of a day camp in Mechanicville with Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner.

“I know people want to have guns, people want to hunt, people want to protect their houses. I really think people in this country need to look again at the need for assault weapons that let out 60 bullets in a minute. I don’t agree with the Second Amendment, but I respect it. You look at other industrialized countries, we get more people dying in a day than some of these countries get in a year.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning called on the Democratic candidates running for president to embrace a national gun control plan he said should include universal background checks, a database of mentally ill people who should not carry guns, a red flag law and a ban on assault-style rifles.

New York lawmakers and Cuomo agreed earlier this year to a state version of a red flag law that is meant to keep guns away from people considered too dangerous to themselves or others.

The speaker, a proponent of gun control, said he’s hopeful the latest shootings will spur action.

“I’m hoping it becomes a part of the national conversation,” Heastie said.