From the Morning Memo:

A poll released last week had current state Senator Chris Jacobs trailing incumbent Chris Collins Ina potential Republican primary for New York’s 27th District.

More likely primary voters also said they preferred recent Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia than Jacobs should Collins end up not running. But for the candidate who was the first to announce and has raised the most money, sitting in second ain’t bad.

“I take a lot of good things out of this poll, that we are beginning in a good place. We’re starting to get momentum and I’m very happy and we’re walking away from this poll encouraged,” Jacobs said.

He said he was not surprised at all that Collins fared well in the poll despite the fact the congressman still faces federal insider trading charges.

“Obviously Chris is the incumbent, has been around and served the district but I think that as I’ve said, in the past he’s done some very good things but unfortunately right now, due to his arrest and indictment, I just don’t think he can effectively represent this district,” Jacobs said. “He can’t serve on committees and I think the 27th District deserves that.”

As for Bellavia, Jacobs said he has great respect for the veteran. However, right now he doesn’t expect him to run.

“He has said he’s not interested,” he said. “I take him at his word. Certainly, he has every right later on to re-evaluate and if he does that, I certainly will too.”

The Republican also said he wasn’t surprised Democrat Nate McMurray, the 2018 challenger, announced he’s running again in 2020. He pointed out McMurray narrowly came within defeating Collins last year.

“I think it’s very important to hold this district in Republican hands to support President Trump,” Jacobs said. “The only way that this will flip is if Chris Collins is in the race because he will likely lose in the general election.”

He said the state’s reddest district will not be vulnerable as long as any GOP candidate besides Collins gets the nomination.