From the Morning Memo:

Attorney General Letitia James counts her first year in office as a success, racking up legislative victories for bills her office sought that limit the president’s pardon power, tighten regulations for data breaches and safeguards to prevent discrimination against immigrants in the workplace.

But when state lawmakers return next year, James hopes the productive 2019 session for Albany could be eclipsed by even more legislative action.

In an interview with Spectrum News, James said she was disappointed lawmakers could not reach a deal on marijuana legalization and a measure that would have legalized gestational surrogacy.

And she wants more action on criminal justice law changes, such as curtailing the use of solitary confinement and detaining parolees for technical violations.

More work is also needed, she said, to help those with mental illnesses.

“Mental illness should not be a crime and it’s critically important that we provide more resources to those suffering from mental illness,” she said.

Democrats gained control of the state Senate for the first time in a decade after last November’s elections. Along with a large majority in the Assembly, Democrats were able to see through the passage of long-stalled legislation that had been on the to-do list of liberals and progressives for years.

“It was, one, helpful to have Democrats in charge of both houses and, two, critically important the relationship that we have with both houses obviously helps the process and move things along quickly and more efficiently,” James said.

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