Regardless of political affiliation, Western New York politicians seem to agree a portion of the NYS Thruway which runs through Seneca Nation territory needs to be fixed.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said she recently investigated the stretch near Chautauqua County herself. She said it is being addressed at the highest levels of state government.

“We want to get that road fixed,” Hochul said. “I have traveled on that road. It needs work. The motorists who travel the Thruway deserve better.”

The lieutenant governor discussed the deteriorating road with reporters a day after Rep. Tom Reed, R-NY-25, called on the governor to take care of it. Reed said it has become dangerous to motorists and he believes the governor’s office is not rehabilitating the stretch because of non-related political reason, like the ongoing dispute between the Senecas and the state over casino revenue.

“The dispute is independent from this,” Hochul said. “That is going on and has been going on.”

She reaffirmed a statement from the Thruway Authority that the state is working with the Seneca Nation toward moving forward with repairs. Hochul did not say specifically what is backing things up but pointed out the Thruway runs through sovereign territory where the state can not simply bring in contractors.

She maintained things are being “worked out” though.

“A lot of it has to even just do with pothole repair so it doesn’t take a year to do,” Hochul said.

The LG said she could not give a firm timeline because it depends on the work needed, and how much can potentially be done before the season changes.