New York will begin phasing out the peeling blue and gold license plates and is launching a vote for the next license plate, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office announced Monday.

New Yorkers will be able to vote for their favorite license plate design starting today, ending Sept. 2 and can choose among five proposed designs on the governor’s website and at the governor’s exhibit at the state Fair starting Wednesday.

The new license plate will be available starting April 2020.

“License plates are a symbol of who we are as a state and New Yorkers should have a voice and a vote in its final design,” Cuomo said.

“As the life span of the old plates comes to an end and we develop new ones that are as easy to read as possible, I encourage all residents to take part in choosing this piece of our state’s history and the State Fair is a perfect place to do that.”

The new plates will replace both the blue and white plates, which were issued more than a decade ago, and the Department of Motor Vehicles will end the issuance of the gold and blue plates.

The change in plates will also mean revenue for the state: A $25 fee tacked on for approximately three million blue and white plates still on cars next year.

“The time has come for New York to have a new license plate, which is why we worked hard to create design options that not only capture the heart of the Empire State, but also that our customers will be proud to put on their vehicles,” said DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder. “I hope everyone across the state will take a few minutes to view the options and vote for their top pick.”

The selection will start a 10-year license plate replacement program meant to ensure license plates on the roadways are reflective and easy to read. There more than three million plates that have been issued that are a decade or older. Many of them have started to peel, become damaged, which has made it difficult to read the plate number.