New York’s red flag law — meant to take firearms away from those deemed by a court to be a danger to themselves or others — will take effect on Saturday.

The measure, which was approved earlier this year, is taking hold in New York amid a debate over a national version of the legislation, which some Republicans in Congress have expressed a willingness to support following two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio this month less than 24 hours apart.

“Now our success in reducing gun-related deaths and injuries will depend upon our ability to make sure everyone is aware of the new law ā€” not only judges, district attorneys, police officers, and educators, but also the general public who may become aware that someone close to them poses a danger to themselves or others,” said Sen. Brian Kavanagh, a Democrat from Manhattan, one of the sponsors of the bill.

Assemblywoman Joanne Simon, a Democrat from Brooklyn, said people are eager for action on the national stage.

ā€œPeople are sick of the excuses that have made gun violence par for the course in this country,” she said. “In fact, it is not normal and it is a uniquely American problem. New York is taking action and on August 24th, the Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation goes into effect.”

The law is one of several new gun control measures approved by lawmakers and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year. New York’s latest gun control legislation includes measures meant to require locked storage of guns in homes where someone under 17 is present, a ban devices that help guns mimic automatic fire and extending the waiting period for prospective gun buyers who not immediately approved for purchase through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.