Assemblywoman Amy Paulin will introduce a bill meant to curtail so-called “straw purchases” by people who are otherwise unable to pass background checks or barred from possessing guns from also purchasing ammunition through similar methods.

The legislation is meant to strengthen the existing background check for ammunition purchases and was inspired in part by the Dayton mass shooting on Aug. 4. The alleged shooter is believed to have obtained some of the ammunition through a friend.

Paulin said the incident exposes a similar vulnerability in New York’s gun laws.

“After each unthinkable tragedy of gun violence, we have to re-examine our own laws to make sure we are taking every reasonable precaution to keep our families and our communities safe,” said Paulin, a Democrat from Westchester County.

“Thanks to the Governor’s and the Legislature’s leadership on this issue and to years of hard work on the part of gun safety advocates, New York has the strongest background check system in the country, a demonstrated ability to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, and effective bans on the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that make these high-profile and shockingly evil acts so deadly. The policies I’ll be introducing will close additional loopholes and further solidify our efforts to prevent gun violence.”

Paulin’s proposed legislation would outlaw straw purchases, while also amending an existing measure that is meant crack down on gun trafficking by making it more difficult for criminals to obtain firearms from gun dealers.