It sure seems like Republican Congressman Chris Collins plans to seek his fifth term in 2020.

Collins has repeatedly said he doesn’t plan to announce his intentions for New York’s 27th District until later this year. However, he is actively fundraising.

The congressman sent out a letter soliciting contributions Wednesday. In it he referred to a recent poll in which he’s 20 points ahead of his “primary opponent” Chris Jacobs.

Of course, Jacobs and attorney Beth Parlato are the only Republicans who have officially announced there candidacy, so far. Technically Jacobs can’t be Collins primary opponent until the incumbent says he’s running.

He seemed to acknowledge that a few lines later in the letter.

“And should I choose to run, I will need your support,” he said. “This is going to be an expensive race.”

The letter is specifically focused on Jacobs who the congressman continues to call a “never-Trump” Republican. He said the poll also found likely GOP primary voters believe the current state Senator is the least likely to support President Trump’s agenda (mostly true although they also said he’s the second most likely to support the agenda).

Collins, who asked for contributions of $50, $100, $250 or more, recently admitted his ongoing federal litigation has made it difficult to fundraise but also promised he could self-fund a campaign if need be.