Taylor Raynor is no more.

The Democratic Assemblywoman representing the 18th District on Long Island has legally changed her last name to “Darling.”

Darling was elected ( as Raynor ) last November after defeating long serving Incumbent Earlene Hooper in the June Primary. The Assembly is coming off a banner year in Albany where they managed to pass multiple legislative priorities that had been bottled up by Senate Republicans for years.

Reached by phone, Darling explained that the name “Raynor” was her married name, and she is now divorced. She wasn’t a huge fan of her maiden name which was “Bertley,” so she decided to go with something empowering, and settled on Darling.

“I wanted a name that Cherishes myself,” Darling said. It can also mean that she is the “darling” of America, or most certainly the darling of the 18th district.

Asked when she chose to make the change, Darling said it happened last year after being exploited and ultimately fired by her previous employer. Pressed for more detail, Darling simply said he was “a Trump supporter.”

And I am going to bet that will likely satisfy most of Darling’s Democratic voting constituents.